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South Yorkshire Police Are A Disgrace

South Yorkshire Police are a disgrace , I have just had a phone call which trust me did not end well, I have just been informed the police have discarded ALL of my mums possessions and ALL of the clothes she was wearing at the time. Now seeking legal advice. As far as we are concerned the reason this has gone on for 17 years is because of there failings in the investigation that reason complaint that was put on hold you can now say its back on with more added onto it. They claim they have discarded 33 items of clothing but they took all my mums possession from her bedroom we have nothing left, they have literally thrown away my mums existence, I am so fuming right now.. please share this page as I need as much audience as possible now all hope as been lost in south Yorkshire police.

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  1. I agree completely with my mum Donna Darwent it’s ridiculous they thing they’re above the rest, they have some power in this cruel world and they don’t do anything helpful with it I’m so sorry that this happened to you it’s ridiculous I hope they get what’s coming to them best wishes to you an your family

  2. Thank you linzi I have been allover in my mind today but finally manage to cool down ive spoken to police and not got a satisfactory reply so now just waiting to hear from solicitors see how we can go about making an official complaint into how this has been handled the star have already been informed and an article is due in tomorrow we have lost hope with the police and they have admitted they are holding things back from us incase we tell the media yet we have already held back other information from the press the police are being very unsympathetic and the only contact we have won’t listen to our argument and we have no family liason to inform us of anything so who are we supposed to complain to they have no record of who discarded or authrised the discarding of my mums possesions and the earliest someome will speak to us is next week :@ x

  3. I be tempted to go to cop shop and demand to see someone or ur gunna go to star calendar ect and see how fast u get someone to talk to luv really feel for u rite now u know that Sheffield is behind u babe keep fighting xxxx

  4. We are now waiting on solicitors getting back to us.. thank you all for your suppport danny x

  5. Hope u some how get these items back Hun xxxx ??????

  6. omg…. that’s disgusting!!!

  7. They can not get rid of the items as some of the things could still be used as evidence … If they have that is very very wrong you should have been given the items back not to be thrown away ..

  8. It makes me sick xx keep fighting love – you have a lot of support xxx and they day they don’t know why people have no faith in them – seems to me it’s because they are full of lies and can’t be bothered people that don’t have the ability or the right to wear the badge!! Xxx

  9. Trying again to get in touch with the detectives, left another message :@

  10. At this moment in time donna I couldn’t agree more, thankyou x

  11. then they shud have done the right thing and asked if u would like them before discarding them might mean nowt to them but means every thing to you and yes I agree they don’t want there stupidity and heartlessness to be shown to millions jeez they get me mad they be none of this for there own it one rule for us n one for them xxx

  12. The most heartbreaking thing about it all is knowing that the person/s responsible will now know they have more than likely gotten off for good still not a word from SYP

  13. To them her belonging were just as insignificant as the bed base they discarded that her body was found under :@ we are thinking the reason they wouldn’t approach crimewatch is fear that all this would have leaked out its just another coverup by south Yorkshire police

  14. hugs your way hun that’s horrible what they have done to you and your family they should be ashamed how dere they its not there property to get rid of it wunt happen if it was one of there own how dere they heartless animals xxx

  15. Finally left my details now hoping they get back intouch with me today before we talk to the solicitor

  16. Ive told the star, since fortunately they answered before the police

  17. going to try the 101 number see how long of a run around it takes till I get to speak to someone.

  18. 21 minutes I been ringing same number with no answer

  19. Omg that is so bad hope you are okay xxx

  20. thats a joke!! feel so sick for you like you ant got it bad enough! SYP shud b ashamed no excuses..

  21. twice no answer :@ I going to document every attempt at contacting those usless people at south Yorkshire police sorry for my frustration

  22. and to top it off the only phone number I have been given to contact just keeps ringing

  23. I’m literally running on steam right now ive never before sworn at a police officer till today.

  24. Are you fucking joking !!! What an absolute disgrace !!! I’m so sorry chuck ! Xx