Meeting with the police to discuss the outcome of my complaint

Today i’m meeting with the police to discuss the outcome of my complaint in regards to south yorkshire polices failings in my mums murder investigation mainly in regards to the loss/disposal of all my mums clothing and possession that they had taken and not returned to myself or family, i wonder what there answers are going to be..

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  1. Hope one day you may find the truth and may your mum rest in piece all the best for the future

  2. Yes I have thought that and its still possible I even said that today in my meeting with them unfortunately I don’t know what to do next atm

  3. Just a theory have you ever thought that it may have been one of there own a police officer this may be one of the reasons there was so many failings I know it doesn’t help your situation but as you well know South Yorkshire police are very good at hiding things from people and not telling the whole truth hope one day you may have the answers to the questions good luck for the foreseeable future

  4. South yorkshire police have seriously peed me off today .. full status to follow :@ b@st##ds

  5. Good luck danny and i hope you get the answers you need xxxx