Family Messages

Harmina  (Pats Mum)*:  I am Patricia’s Mother, For the last 11 years life has been hard without Patricia, losing a child is something no parent should have to go through, Someone being murdered is also something no one should have to die from and when someone commits murder the murderer should be put in prison for the rest of their lives, Please anyone who knows anything please come forward and give it to the police.

*My nan (Harmina Grainger) sadly passed away on 28th October 2008 never getting to see her daughters killer given justice.


Lynne (Pats Sister): I am Patricia’s sister Lynne, Loosing pat has made a massive difference to my life for the last 11 years I have been taking antidepressant tablets. I wish someone would come forward with the information needed if anyone who reads this knows anything about what happened on the 10 th august 1997 please come forward and help put this evil person away. So please look into your heart and come forward.


Roy (Pats Dad): I am Patricia’s Step Dad, I brought up Patricia with her mother Harmina since she was 5 years old, and I’ve always thought about pat every single day, every night I say good night. The whole thing has changed my life and my family’s life’s broken it up into pieces, I would never wish this situation on any living soul. If anyone out there does have any information, please contact South Yorkshire police on:  0114-2202020   or Crime Stoppers on: 0800-555-111 for all our sakes.

Good Night Patricia x


Sharon (Pats Sister):

My sister is or was called Pat she was murdered 11 years ago, she had adhd which wasn’t diagnosed back then so there wasn’t any help for my parents who had quite a difficult time bringing her up.

She was just classed as a difficult child, she also had a mental age of a 10-12 year old and learning difficulties, she left behind a son called Daniel who is absolutely great and very smart and I love him with all my heart.

People are forgetting about my sister and what happened to her which hurts tremendously.

After the murder of my sister the murderer is still at large, which I’m finding hard to come to terms with, after nearly 11 years of counselling myself, I’m now at a time in my life when you start to give up on anything happening and any justice being served. I will never ever forget my sister who I never told how much I loved, because that wasn’t done when I was a child so I have a lot of regret and guilt which Im still trying to deal with. I hope and pray that one day the person who took her away from us will be found so he will never be able to hurt anyone like this again.

Please if you can please for all our sakes help

Thank you