My honest thought’s.. they’ve killed again.. Somewhere.

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There really is never a good and/or bad time to write down my thoughts because there is always something going off in the world that’s bad or hurtful and it feels wrong to keep wanting justice while others are suffering also but at the same time i have to realise when you haven’t received any justice it’s hard to go forward and move on because nothing sit right.

You can’t just move on or walk way. There’s Reminders Everywhere, Living Nightmares and thoughts that stay at the forefront of my mind.

Justice isn’t only for me or the family its for you too mum!

We should have shared cake on Your 50th birthday last month, You should have been here for my 30th the month before but no.. 25 years this august 10th you will have been gone and your murderer/s have still been walking free.

Enjoying their life, making misery of others, Celebrating their birthday’s with loved one’s while secretly hiding the dark sick individual that hides away inside.. Beyond that smile, that laugh, that charm.. he/they are sat enjoying life. and thinking of destroying others. What’s fair in that?

The hurt, the pain, the suffering you felt back in august 1997 resonates across my mind at every reminder of you, every reminder of what happened to you. Every night i examine my thoughts and what ifs, what if this was done but unfortunately our hands are tied.

The case is cold, The police work is slow for cold case investigations at least, The missed opportunities and the wasted energy gone into what went wrong.

I just pray one-day things go right and justice comes for you mum.

No matter how much time is spent going over things, Nothing sets aside the fact you was murdered, Murdered for nothing more than someone’s sick lust to cause unimaginable suffering to another human being to feed their desires.

You go over scenarios ‘the serial killer type M.O’s’

even studying other local cases, Trying to tie together some connection. They could be connections with other cases but the forces don’t like to share detailed information on case so unless your the investigating officer it would be quite impossible to detect patterns in crimes due to withheld information.


But why look into it? The victims like my mum possibly also vulnerable people of a lower working class who’s going to miss them?

Aside from their family. But who cares really?

Anyone in charge? no .. there’s other people more worthy of investigation but you can’t say that .. as all cases are treated equally.. Just ask the media.

They’d sure be running at the chance to cover a conviction case for a 25-year-old murder case being solved but wouldn’t care less to feature the case of a unsolved murder without something to benefit them.

A local British radio station without naming names is a clear example. Two occasions they’ve been interested in my campaign or the investigation and twice they drop us for something else on route to the station.

Money over Morals.

So yeah unless we make our own noise. We’re on our own when push comes to shove so the only exclusive ill be giving would be a middle finger to most media outlets except for ‘The Sheffield star‘ who i can’t fault the star for being proactive in raising awareness of not only my Mum’s but other local unsolved murders over the years and keeping my mum’s face and others out there without the star i feel nobody would have had a voice over the years. so thanks its really appreciated!
We are still anxiously waiting on a response from South Yorkshire Police and the forensic science service.

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