19 year anniversary I cant say it gets any easier.

Today marks 19 years since you were taken away from us, there is not a lot i can write that i have not said already but i still feel i should make a post today,

I cant say it gets any easier to write about what happened back then or whats progressed through the years since starting the website and facebook campaign but i really am grateful for everyone’s help in sharing the page,

All the lovely comments and advice and all those that have been brave enough to come forward with what information they do have.. please keep sharing , commenting and coming forward the smallest amount of information could nail those responsible and finally one day bring us some justice. ..

Today shouldn’t be about fighting for justice it should be for remembrance but till the day comes when those responsible are sentenced today and every other day shall be another fight, another battle, another day of not forgetting what happened to you, RIP mum i love you… thank you all for your continued support. Daniel.

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  1. She wouldn’t hurt a fly known her for years really hope they find them

  2. she was lovely hears hoping the peope responsible are found much love to her family xxx

  3. I met Pat a few times and she was lovely.

  4. Loverly girl always ad a smile … Rip Pat xxx

  5. R.I.p pat. Thinking of u all. Xxx

  6. There was a programme on TV last week,where a woman’s death was investigated ,from many years ago,,Get in touch with the TV Chanel requesting they put you in touch with whoever studied that case and explain about your mum,,,,,Good Luck,,

  7. Same here she was a pleasant girl rip pat

  8. So wish they would find who killed pat I hope they rot in hell

  9. I too had the pleasure to meet pat and she was lovely the person who did this were evil

  10. Your mum would b so proud Danny L Grainger x

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