For the last few hours i cant think Why?
Why someone would want to kill a woman at 25 years old that would not hurt a fly.
Why someone would want to take a 5 year old childs mum away.
Why someone would actually want to kill someone.
Why someone would take someones life away when they only lived it for a short while.
I found the answer and…
There is only one person who can answer that and its who did it.

For the last few days i have been thinking more and more about what happened and thinking how its affected me.

I can remember everything from the day.
I remember not seeing my mum for a few days and was wondering where she was,
I remember on the day we found out i was 5 years old and will never forget.
Me and my nan (my mums, mum) went to my aunts home when we got there no one was home we waited outside for a short while my aunts boyfriend came home after a short while of waiting and said he had just dropped my aunt off at my house where there was police, He took us home and tape was round the house (i think) police all over the road, people stood on there fronts we wasnt aloud into the house we did not know what had happened the police did not tell us anything. We started walking up the road to my other aunts house and everyone was there my aunts was crying other people was crying my nan asked what happened a friend of the family picked me up and took me down the back of my aunt house at this time i was shaking i did not know what happened then my aunt came down and they told me what had happened i remember crying on the shoulder of someone i knew what murder was as i watched horror films ect. I wasnt told all the details i wasnt even told about it was murder at first i was just old she had died and i remember that it meant i would never see her again. I was told she was the brightest star in the sky. As i got older i got more awhere at what happened as was told more about her and what happened. Ill never forget that day nor any dreams and nightmares i had.
These are the only memories i have not forgot most of the memories of my mum are about what happened i cant remember anything else other than her face in the newspapers.

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