Mattress was infact a bed base.

After speaking with the police i have found out something new, For the past 11 years myself, my family and the media have thought that my mum was found underneath a mattress this has been cleared up to find out that it was not a mattress but a bed base from a divan bed, A mattress was near the scene but it was not a mattress that she was covered up with.

The police still have a suspect which because of this we cannot go to places like crime watch to appeal for information.

Although now it seems that the case is back to where it was in September.

Please if anyone has any information please get in touch as it seems to me the people responsible for my mum’s murder are going to get away with it for another 11 years before anything else happens.

Don’t get me wrong the police have done everything they can do Dna tests, questioning people and suspects but have not been able to charge anyone with the murder.
I just don’t want the person/people responsible to die without paying for what they have done i want to see justice for my mum and to see him/her/them behind bars where they deserve to be.
This is to anyone who may know anything, The murder was not just my mum being stabbed (not saying that would make it any better) but a very sadistic and twisted murder, that in my eyes could have only been done by someone without a soul or who are seriously ill in their head, So please not only for me, my mum and my family but to prevent anything like this happening to anyone else please do come forward with any information you have even if your not 100% sure what you have is anything, We need as much information as possible.


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