Just to let you all know on Friday 5th March 2010 at 7:30PM on Channel 4 the case about my mum will be featured in a documentary about disability hate crime the documentary is called ‘Sticks&Stones’ if you have time to watch it that would be great.
The documentary is about disabled people who are bullied/abused about there condition by other people, my mums case is featured in the documentary as before she was murdered she herself although she was loved my many people received allot of verbal aswel as psyical abuse by people in the area.
In the documentary Adults with disabilities speak out about their experiences of hate crime and question a society that continues to do nothing to protect them. Public attention was drawn to the issue of disability hate crime after the tragedy of Fiona Pilkington, a mother who killed herself and her disabled daughter in October 2007, after a decade… See more of abuse from local teenagers and no help from the authorities. It was said that the Pilkington case had provided a watershed moment to move disability hate crime up the public agenda, yet more often than not the voices of those who are persecuted because of their disability go unheard.


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