13th Anniversary

In one weeks time it will be my mums 13th anniversary since she was murdered, Already i’m wishing this month could just dissapear. Thoughts running through my head all day and night and it just seem to get worser each time it gets closer to the day, To be honest it would be easier if i could block this month or even week from my mind but i can’t.
I really wish that this post could have been that the murderer had been caught and charge with my mums murder, or even just a little bit of good news but unfortunetly i don’t have any.
I really would like to say thank you for all the message’s and posts im still receiving via the website and facebook they really do help when times seem hard.

Also please to say the website has received a total of over 1,022,600 hits from starting the website to 31st july 2010 that’s alot of views and im sure the number would have been even greater if it wasnt for the disruption of the website going down earlier on in the campaign when the story hit the headlines.

Unfortunetly i have yet been able to completely fix the website counter so that may not be exact though ill try update it when ever i can.

Hopefully before this time next year i’ll be able to post that someone has been charged with my mums murder…. Fingers Crossed x

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