Killer walking free for 15 years

Its been a while since is last updated the blog but as my previous post in march 2011 still nothing as changed.
In 2 weeks time it will be 15 years since My mum was murdered, 15 years the killer/s have been walking free and even though people say it, It does not get any easier with time if anything things get harder to deal with.
I’m still finding it difficult to come to terms with the full details of what happened to my mum back in august 1997 its hard to understand how someone could be so sadistic and mentally disturbed in order to do what they did.
It is no doubt that the murder was sexually motivated, sadistic and no doubt that the person/s responsible are not normal human beings they’re monsters, they’re evil, they’re probably living a happy normal life while my mum as missed 15 years of her life and will continue to miss what she should have been here for she did not bring it on herself, she didn’t deserve to die, she was a happy loveable lady with learning difficulty’s she was taken advantage off, she was treated so horribly wrong by whoever killed her I know somebody knows who has done it and i know the person/s who did do it has no remorse or suffer any pain, Nothing like what my mum as suffered or Myself and my family have suffered from the impact of what this does to a family it destroys it, Mentally it is a nightmare to live with it takes away any chance of living a normal life.
I cant express how it really feels to know what happened this wasn’t just murder, it was abuse, torture, it was sick I really wish I could say what exactly went on but I can’t it is mentally disturbing I wish I didn’t know, if this was just a random attack I could possibly find it easier to understand but it wasn’t this was as I have stated before Brutal, Malicious an Evil murder by some sick twisted individual who I hate I wish I knew who it was I wish someone would come forward its been too long the person/s have had much more freedom than they deserve please if you know something no matter how small please get in touch with South Yorkshire police. If you knew the full extent of the murder you would think twice if you don’t already PLEASE…. don’t protect the person/s who did this if you fear for your own safety the police can protect you, Or you can give your information anonymously via Crime Stoppers,
Don’t leave it in hope that the police will find them they haven’t for 15 years so they obviously need information from whoever has any.
I couldn’t tell you how much of a difference it would make for me and my family if we could finally know who did it, Have them see justice and let my mum rest in peace.

Danny x

I have also updated the campaign poster/flyer so if you could print off and place one in your place of work/business or even hand out to friends it would be appreciated alot. The poster can be downloaded here.

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