15th Anniversary.

15 Years ago today you was stolen from us, By an evil person with the mind of a monster, A monster who we do not know. A monster who is still walking free living life as you should be doing instead your not here to look after us, Your not here to tell us that today should be like any other day, instead its not, its a day of sadness, a day of memories we wish we didn’t have, a day we wish that it didn’t have to be this way.. It still mess’s with our heads that on this day 15 years ago someone hurt you ,
Someone took your life away, Someone took my My Mum away. My Mum who never hurt anyone, I cannot forget you, But i wish i could forget what happened to you,
what somebody did to you, It tears my heart out every time i think about you.
Knowing you should be with us, I miss you, We all miss you, and for as long as we have each over we wont give up till we know who did it.. Even if we never find out we can always live in hope.
R.I.P Mum and send my love to Nan i miss you both and wish you both could still be here. But if my wishes got answered I wouldn’t be writing this id be celebrating the fact that the B******* who did this was locked away.. but they’re not. xxx

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