Meeting with South Yorkshire police to discuss my complaint

Got a meeting this afternoon to discuss my complaint with south yorkshire police in regards to there mishandling of my mums clothing and belongings and to discover any other failure or mishandling of SYP which as been uncovered by the investigation into my complaint not looking forward to it at all as i don’t have a clue where i go next when the police have already made a sham of everything. This is a murder investigation mishandling of property and investigative material not only impacts on the emotional stress but also our chances of securing a conviction in future!

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  1. So sad though no closure at all and the culprit walks free

  2. Her body was left in a stream any possible DNA would have been washed away

  3. They warn me to be careful what i share to the public but all of this is there fault so why should i keep quite, if anyone else has been affected by a similar issue prior to 2003 id have your Senior investigative officer to organise a limited review of any an all evidence and if he wont go above him!

  4. DNA is still on your poor mom don’t forget !!!!!!!

  5. Investigation report reveals south yorkshire police did mishandle my mums property 33 items of clothing which has never been forensically tested but for some reason they thought it mattered to take them in the first place, yet because records from 2003 to now are missing about the whereabouts of the items then nobody can be held to blame . But the head of SYP did write me a pathetic excuse of an appology that felt nothing more than a kick in the teeth. I do not have much confidence in south yorkshire police anymore. I dont get how they expect me to accept that they took and im not exadurating every possesion of my mums and someone has took the decision to destroy the property subject of the murder investigation without consideration or consultation of the impact of such a decision. Cases are popping up all the time where DNA has been recovered years later theres no reason SYP couldnt have preserved the items or returned them. If anyone reading is a legal expert id love some advice right now.. thank you all for your support .

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