Killed for kicks

Killed for kicks

A SEX fiend, who murdered a young mum for kicks, could strike again police warned last night.

The monster stabbed and strangled Pat Grainger in a wally popular with courting couples.

The he dumped her body under an old double bed in a stream.

Pat, 25, who was handicapped and had a mental age of 12, had been sexually abused.

The single mum had been missing for a week from the home a mile away she shared with her parents and her five-year-old son Daniel, in Sheffield. A horrified 14-year-old boy found her body.

Pat’s sister Sharon, 22, wept as she spoke of the murder last night.

She said: “It’s beyond belief that anyone should do this.

“Pat had never harmed anyone in her life. She lived for Daniel.

“She trusted everyone. She was vulnerable, friendly and kind. It’s appaling.” Detective Superintendent Derek Deakin said: “Pat was a quiet, unassuming young woman, who posed no threat to anyone.

“She died as a result of a savage and frenzied attack. The motive appears to have been sexual. The attacker killed for kicks and could clearly strike again.”

Girls near the scene were living in fear last night.

Shop assistant Samantha Wildgoose, 23, said: “I saw the police bringing her body from the stream. Everyone is absolutely petrified of going out now.”


Edit: The above article states that my mum was found under a double bed, It was actually a divan bed base.


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Killed for kicksA SEX fiend, who murdered a young mum for kicks, could strike again police warned last night.The…

Posted by Who Killed My Mum? Patricia Grainger Unsolved Sheffield Murder on Saturday, June 27, 2015

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