Killing creates a climate of fear

Killing creates a climate of fear


The day kids laughter was silenced


13th August 1997


THE familiar sound of hide and seek games or dare-devil stunts on Tarzan ropes are now things of the past since murder victim Pat Grainger’s body was found.


“I’m going down t’Brook,” was a common phrase chattered amongst youngsters who play around the picturesque copse set off Colley Drive, Ecclesfield.


Then their giggling voices would puncture the evening air.


Now all that has gone. The awful tragedy which has happend in the midst of a Sheffeld community has brought silence.




“It is scary down there now” said a 14-year-old from Holgate Crescent who played there every day with his pals.


“We played tiggy and hide and seek until this happend, you would have to be barmy to venture in there now” he said.


Children discovered Pat’s body in the brook earlier this week. She had been sexually assaulted and stabbed before being dumped in the water.


Now police outnumber the kids as the search goes on for clues to her killer.


Not surprisingly, the murder is the topic of conversation on every adult’s lips.


Many are pondering whether it is the work of a crazed madman who could strike again or a manipulative killer who knew Pat and calmly escorted her to her death.




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Killing creates a climate of fearThe day kids laughter was silencedTHE familiar sound of hide and seek games or…

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