Murder hunt missing link – Mystery of where Pat spent her final days

Murder hunt missing link

Mystery of where Pat spent her final days

By Paul Whitehouse

WITHIN hours of the discovery of Pat Grainger’s murdered body, detectives were predicting the case would present a massive challenge.

Now, 12 days after her body was discovered, their instincts are proving correct.

Police have poured thousands of man-hours into the murder hunt but, frustratingly, her killer remains free.

Pat was last seen 22 hours before she was found dead but her whereabouts during the previous five days is one of the mysteries of her death.

Pat Grainger had learning difficulties, with a mental age of ten or 12, She loved to chat with neighbours or play with children in the Buchanan Road area where she lived.

But despite a deluge of calls no-one was able to tell police where she spent those missing nights.

Police have even appealed directly to the person who gave her shelter but without effect.

To Pat’s family the anxiety of knowing her killer may still be free within their community is a difficult burden.

Pat’s stepdad Roy Wright said: “We just want to know who did this to Pat so we can get on with our lives.”

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