Dad urges DNA tests to trap killer

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Dad urges DNA tests to trap killer

26TH August 1997

THE STEPFATHER of murder victim Pat Grainger today called for men on the estate where she lived to be DNA tested – in a bid to catch her killer.

Roy Wright told The Star he would undergo a test himself, to encourage others to come forward.

He himself has been qustioned by detectives – not as a suspect, he stresses, but to try to trace Pat’s movements during the week before her body was found.


Roy says police have admitted to him they are “baffled” as to who strnagled, stabbed and sexually assaulted Pat, before dumping her body in a stream.

Roy, of Buchanan Road, Parson Cross, Believes that DNA tests could help.

That involves trying to match the genetic finger-prints of men in the area with body samples recovered in the investigation.

“I said to the police that they should do DNA tests on her boyfriends and I said I would even have a DNA test myself,” he said.

“There is somebody who knows something on Parson Cross but they just will not come forward because they are too scared.

“If i knew who it was i would be out there before the police. They told me they were completely baffled and now I thik it is never going to be solved.”

He added: “They have had me in asking me the same questions over and over again. They are suggesting that, while she was missing, Pat’s been in my house without my knowledge to change her coat.

Ppeople who have seen her say she has been wearing different clothes and all these clothes that she’s been seen in were here.”

“My wife’s crying every day and it’s doing my head in not knowing who’s done it.”

Three people in Parson Cross were arrested but released on bail. They insist they are all innocent.

Police have not ruled out DNA tests, and say they are still consulting foresic scientists “When i am fully in the picture, I will consider whether I want to take this course of action,” said Det Supt Derek Deaking, who is leading the hunt.

Article from 1997 my grand father requesting others to come forward to elimited people from the enquiry since then DNA…

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