Hi, an article published today in the sun marked out how much my server cost per month, I have had quite a few emails and messages about this so I thought I would clear it out on here, The server i am paying for is a dedicated server the reason I don’t have shared hosting is because when the website has a lot of users on the website at once talking 10,000 the server could not cope and was suspended which is why it is now on a dedicated server, the £108 has already been marked down from £125 as a kind gesture from the host, As well as the server the price includes my control panel which is leased, management of the server and 24/7 support. Although it is allot to pay it has not been a problem for me to pay and when the case is closed I will be able to move the website onto a shared server as it would not get as much traffic.

I am working on changing the message board as this is currently hosted elsewhere, I will be moving all messages that have been left onto the new message board which will be hosted on this site.
This will also give you more options when posting a message.


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