Coming upto the 16th Anniversary of the Murder of my Mum

Just over 24 hours until the 16th anniversary of my mum being murdered,
After the stressful and emotional last few days i can confirm that it doesn’t get easier. But to be honest how can it get any easier when the main culprit for this suffering we are all going through is still unknown, still out there possibly living a normal happy life while still inside that sick mind of his he knows what hes done, He could have done it again and still be walking free.

After going over every detail in my head over and over again i start to think what if he hasn’t told anyone.. what if really nobody knows who he his. If he’s sick enough to have lived with this guilt for 16 years then maybe he has kept it to himself for all this time, and someone who can live 16 years with something like this on their shoulders cannot be human, He can’t show any remorse for what he’s done otherwise he wouldn’t prolong the suffering its been 16 years maybe he’s dying, maybe he’s already dead.. Maybe all this is pointless trying to pursue something that has proven for 16 years to get us no where is it still worth the fight….. (Ive come to a blank will update later)

(Ok I’m back gave myself 15 minutes to think about what i want to put)

Back to the what I’ve been thinking, Maybe someone does know something, Maybe their scared to come forward for fear of repercussion’s, or Maybe there just as sick as the person/s who did this and also live a normal happy life .. But if your reading this and you do know something i beg you to come forward, If your scared or anything you can contact me anonymously via the website, Or you can contact crime stoppers you don’t have to know allot of information or have to give any information about yourself just pick up your phone and do the right thing please.

But after all the thinking all i know for certain is someone has lived with this and his still living with this i already know your a sick person, a normal person wouldn’t be able to do this never mind be able to live with it aswel. I just want you to think about it , think about what you have done, think about all the heart ache you have brought to many then think about that one day , you will slip up, or one day something will be found to get you for this, One day you will pay, maybe not today but one day you will pay for this.

Its been a while since i update the blog mainly because i had nothing to update with.

Though i got an email today from the detective working on my mums case (cold case review) a piece of it is in Bold Italic below.

“All the information received has been investigated and persons have been spoken to, some have provided witness statements. In the main the information provided is already known or been investigated in the past.
Where the new information contradicts information already provided then in due course witnesses will be revisited and asked about the more recent information. However it is important that all pieces of contradictory information are gathered together first before any witnesses, who were interviewed several years ago, are approached, this work is continuing.”
So basically the email just tells me what i already knew, they had nothing and still have nothing to link anybody.. But what they do have i cannot disclose as seen in Bold Italic.
I appreciate there may be media interest around the anniversary, you are of course welcome to speak freely about the case however I ask that no reference is made by the media of any BLANKREMOVED, as if this were to happen it could well lessen the value of this evidence.
So basically if i was to speak to the media i would have nothing to update them with.. Luckily for South Yorkshire Police who i know read this, I wont be approaching no media, should media approach me ill more than likely turn them away.. why? because regardless of what media attention the case gets it wont change anything.. the story has been in the news papers and on Yorkshire TV channels so should the culprit or someone who knows who he his read the paper or watch the new they would have already seen about it another story isn’t going to make them come forward now why would it they have had 16 years to do it.
The only form of publicity my Mums case has not had is on BBC’s Crime Watch, the police have yet to even consider making an appeal when its probably the most watched crime show on TV but you know that would just be wasting the polices time with too many phone calls, just as we was told 2 years ago by south yorkshire police.
Most unsolved cases feature on Crime Watch that happened only months ago so why after 16 years would South Yorkshire Police not use such a vital piece of coverage they probably need to gain them more information. Whether or not they get 1000s of phone calls what should it matter if not even one of them turned out to be anything significant at least then maybe we would feel as though you have tried everything you possibly could.. But we already knew how much South Yorkshire Police are lacking in solving this case… They have been so stupidly absent-minded and managed to mess up on more than one occasion even losing some vital evidence which could have been the breakthrough they needed, and lets just say what they lost was definitely not an easy thing to lose… STUPID!
I don’t personally blame the current active detectives in this case i blame the ones who was working on this back in 1997 i also blame South Yorkshire Police as a whole for losing what they lost.
Thats it for now nothing more to say .. Thank you for taking the time to read, and Please remember if you do know anything just use the below. Daniel x
If you have any information you can contact the following.
South yorkshire police.
Telephone – 01142202020
Minicom – 0114 219 6761
Incident Number: 990/090808

Crime Stoppers Anonymously:

As well as calling crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 , you can also give information anonymously online.

The information will be sent to crimestoppers over a secure internet connection which makes sure that you, and your computer, cannot be traced.
There call handlers read what you have sent them and will take out any information that might identify you, before forwarding it to the relevant authorities.
You can give information online by clicking here
If you wish to link to this website please click here.
You can also help by placing a poster/flyer in your shop/business window or in your place of work staffroom ect or anywhere you can think of to download my flyer/poster please click here, Thank you.

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