6000 Days of freedom for a murder

While looking over the website i noticed the counter at the bottom stated ‘5973 days have gone by since my mum was murdered, Just 27 days away from being 6000 days but in 27 days it would also be my Mum’s 42nd birthday, I don’t have any memories of any birthday’s spent with my mum and it kills inside to not be able to wish her a happy birthday or to be able to spend that day with her,

This time of year really gets to me, Christmas is just around the corner, the same day being my birthday and the following month my mum’s birthday all rolled into one long repeated depressive cycle of mind-numbing grief of not having you here with us,

I’m trying to enjoy the run up to Christmas but its not so easy when all i can think about is why my mum isn’t here and why the person/s responsible will have had 6000 days of freedom by the time my Mum’s birthday comes around, while we have missed 16 years of Mum not being with us, 16 Birthdays, 16 Christmas’s, 16 long years of this never ending mental torture that we’re having to go through.

If i could make one wish it would be to spend Christmas with you Mum, but i know that won’t ever be possible so i hope my other wish of getting to know who killed you and seeing them finally pay for what they did will come true in 2014.. maybe

Danny x

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