First time in 6 years ive visited my mums grave

First time I’ve come to visit your grave in 6 year I’m sorry it took me so long but as I’ve promised you today I wont give up till your killers brought to justice

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🤞Hopefully no stone will be left unturned. Patricia Grainger Murder.

Having just provided South Yorkshire Police with 19 conversations/leads provided through facebook not including information …


  1. I hope one day justice will be done for your Mum. May she Rest in Peace xxxx

  2. Ya mam was lovley person Daniel she always spoke to people rip pat xxx shared xxx

  3. Hope your all ok Daniel obviously your not but don’t know what else to say love hope whoever did this gets caught!! X

  4. Bless you Daniel I hope you and your family finds the answers you are looking for xx

  5. This is a travesty surely someone knows who did this.!!!

  6. Bless you love hope justice is done soon x

  7. Thankyou everyone and It’s as good as new for now Sarah x

  8. Thank you so much mum showed me the before pic, love u xx

  9. I’m sure justice will be served one day,their time will come ?? x

  10. Bless you. Don’t give up xx

  11. 🙁 my heart goes out to you chick xxx