REVEALED: 26 unsolved murders new cold crime squad will probe in Sheffield & South Yorkshire Related Article

South Yorkshire Police have 26 unsolved murders on their books dating back to 1962.

By Claire Lewis.

Investigators on the force’s new major incident review team will be trying to bring the killers – some of whom have evaded capture for decades – to justice.

Here is the full list of the unsolved murders:
1) 1962 – Lilly Stephenson, Springfield Place, Barnsley, blunt force trauma.
2) 1964 – Anne Dunwell, aged 13, Slade Hooton, Rotherham, strangulation.
3) 1975 – John Henry Wortley, aged 66, National Car Park, Pond Street, Sheffield city centre, blunt force trauma.
4) 1977 – Barbara Ann Young, aged 28, Netherall Road, Doncaster, blunt force trauma.
5) 1982 – Tervina Matilda Cameron, aged 59, Addy Street, Upperthorpe, Sheffield, manual strangulation.
6) 1982 – David Marlow, aged 39, Dyche Lane, Jordanthorpe, Sheffield, blunt force trauma.
7) 1989 – Saifuddin Figa Hussein, aged 36, Blonk Street, Sheffield city centre, blunt force trauma.
8) 1991 – Wendy Gallagher, aged 24, Princess Street, Barnsley, strangulation.
9) 1993 – Edna Waller, aged 79, Bramwell Gardens, Netherthorpe, Sheffield, blunt force trauma.
10) 1994 – Dawn Shields, aged 19, Mam Tor, Derbyshire, manual strangulation.
11) 1994 – Andrew Trail, Desmond’s Blues Club, Hallcarr Street, Burngreave, Sheffield, knife wounds.
12) 1996 – Andrew George Bentley, Flying Pizza Restaurant, Glossop Road, Sheffield city centre, gun shot.
13) 1997 – Patricia Grainger, aged 25, brook off Deerlands Avenue, Parson Cross, Sheffield, manual strangulation.
14) 1998 – Michael Baxendale, aged 39, Niche Night Club, Sidney Street, Sheffield city centre, knife wounds.
15) 2001 – Lindsey Scholes, aged 17, Millgate Street, Royston, Barnsley, arson.
16) 2001 – Brian Metcalfe, aged 44, Station Road, Wath-upon-Dearne, Rotherham, chest injuries caused by stamping.
17) 2001 – Michaela Hague, aged 25, Spitalfields, Sheffield city centre, knife wounds.
18) 2002 – Vera Cooper, aged 80, Greenbank Walk, Grimethorpe, Barnsley, strangulation.
19) 2005 – Nora Tait, aged 69, Stone Close Avenue, Doncaster, blunt force trauma.
20) 2005 – Anthony Brightmore, Patricia Brightmore and Stephen Brightmore, aged 68, 65 and 35, Batemoor Walk, Batemoor, Sheffield, arson.
21) 2007 – Jonathon Matondo, aged 16, Nottingham Cliff, Burngreave, Sheffield, gun shot.
22) 2009 – Safrajur Rahman Jahangir, aged 23, Scraithwood Drive, Shirecliffe, Sheffield, gun shot.
23) 2009 – James Kamara, aged 22, Brunswick Street, Broomhall, Sheffield, gun shot.
24) 2011 – Justin Hague, aged 40, Godric Drive, Brinsworth, Rotherham, knife wounds.
25) 2012 – Joshua Green, aged 27, Stars and Mayfair club, Queens Road, Sheffield, knife wounds.
26) 2016 – Tommy Ward, aged 80, Salisbury Road, Maltby, Rotherham, assaulted.

Original Source : The Star


I cannot speak for everyone’s case but for my mum’s the cause of death listed above having seen my mum’s autopsy report is extremely vague and hardly highlights the extremity of the ordeal my mum went through and can only believe it is the same for the others.

Its sad to see their is so many people like myself going through the same as myself and i can only hope they find justice too one day, so if you have any information on my mum’s murder or anyone else listed on this page please call South Yorkshire police on 101 or crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Thank you.

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  1. I would like to point out my uncle Andrews murder isn’t unsolved the police know who it is but FORGOT TO EXTRADITE ONE AND THE OTHER WOULD COST TOO MUCH TO GO TO A PRISON CAUSE APPARENTLY HE IS PARALYSED HAHHA WE ALL KNOW THIS IS A COVER UP

    • Hi Cee, Firstly i am sorry for your loss of your uncle, Murder is a cruel way to go. This article is copied from the Sheffield star at the time of posting so all wording is by the star. I’m sorry you have had some issue with the case and the police, Not sure if your aware of the IOPC who can handle complaints with the police. I have used them myself not that i got the answers i was looking for. I hope you one day find some form of closure and even justice for your uncle. All the best. Daniel.

  2. Get a solicitor onto it asap

  3. I’m sorry that you still have no answers,!!! It must be awful for you,and especially the fact that all the evidence mysteriously went missing,,,,,,I’ve got to be honest if it was my mother I would be wanting the coroner to have your dear mothers body exhumed because there’s got to be DNA there,,,,I hope the vile creature who killed her will be found and put away ,,,,,,Take care and don’t give up ,,X

  4. Be strong I’m sure they will be found someday my bother went to school with her and said she was a lovely caring person xxx

  5. Shared S6 to keep this story going for answers,,

  6. That meant to say u mum was a.sweet person god bless her soul

  7. I know u mum very well she use to cpme to my home an c my daughters she was seeet i hope they do catch the scum what did this to u mum ive a daughter like u mum was very kind trusting an vunrible hope they catch the scums what killed u mum god bless her soul an when and if they do catch um an bring who ever did this to justic i hope they throw away the key

  8. I really hope that one day you will find who’s responsible for your mom love. For u and your moms sake for her to be able to finally rest in peace xx

  9. Vile creatures that’s what they are and south Yorkshire Police are no better useless bastards one day you will have justice

  10. Keep strong Huni ?? xxx

  11. There has to be someone out there who knows what happened to our pat just wish they go forward

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