Update about reward being offered.

After the recent article in the star on the last anniversary.
I got back intouch with the police about the reward i would like to put up for information leading to an arrest and conviction for my mums murder,
I was informed by Dave Sayles a detective working with the SIO Dave Stopford on my mums murder that south yorkshire police won’t sanction the reward i have offered. But won’t stop me offering the reward either.
I was told they will get intouch with someone from crimestoppers to see if they will handle the reward side of things so information can be given to crimestoppers and later passed on to the police.

This was 3 weeks ago so not sure how long it will take to put things into place.
But i will update this page when everything is set.

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Original posthttps://www.thestar.co.uk/news/son-of-murdered-sheffield-woman-wants-to-offer-5-000-reward-to-help-catch-killer-1-9293809

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