What really happened to My Mum. Facebook Live Stream

The whole Truth! And nothing but the Truth!

Unsolved Sexually Motivated Sheffield Murder.

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Apologies for the delayed start to live stream, I was going to wait until the anniversary next month but here it is.

After meeting with the coroner for the first time nearly 2 months ago and going through the injuries inflicted on my mum with a knowledgeable person I see and understand more about what happened that day on August 10th 1997.

I’m still frustrated South Yorkshire Police will not provide me with a copy of the autopsy no doubt to prevent me posting what really happened as its been kept as some closely guarded secret whether to not cause further public distress or if they really believe this sicko is going to hand himself in as time goes by but the truth is whether I post it or not it wont make much difference now.

I’m still awaiting a response from them in regards to my reward offer.

My mum had no self defence marks meaning this person either frightened my mum to the point of not wanting to fight back, you knocked her unconscious or she trusted you and you still hurt her.

You stabbed her, You strangled her, You raped her, You mutilated her,

Your sick.. Your twisted... Your borderline if not already showing the traits of a serial killer.

We know my mum was alive 21 hours before she was found alive although she had been missing from home for a week. They are confirmed and possible sightings around the parson cross area and northern general in the week prior to my mum being found.

Any friends of hers out there? Was she staying at yours? Was she safe during that week? Was it a random attack? As someone confided in you? Threatened you? Please Come forward.

Get in touch with Crimestoppers anonymously..
Get in touch with South Yorkshire Police…
or Message myself via this page or the website www.WhoKilledMyMum.com .. .please

So many questions without answers!
We need your help.. to Share and keep this alive in the area..

Some sick people are still walking the streets, Still likely to be causing harm to others.

Can you help find Who Killed Mum?
This person/people are not of a sane mind.

#Sheffield #WhoKilledMyMum #Unsolved #Murder #southyorkshirepolice

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