DNA clue sparks new probe

DNA clue sparks new probe

10th August 1998

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POLICE have made a crucial breakthrough in the Pat Grainger murder inquiry after scientists identified a human DNA sample from evidence gathered by officiers.

The development may lead to widespread testing among residents on the Parson Cross estate where Pat, 25, died.

Forensic scientist spent 11 months checking hundreds of items collected as potentional evidence during the massive inquiry.

Now they have found DNA on an item recovered from the crime scene, the area surrounding the Brook, where Pat’s body was found on the fringe of Parson Cross.

Senior officers announced the discovery today, exactly a year after Pat’s battered body was discovered semi-submerged in water and hidden under rubbish.

She had been missing for a week from her Buchanan Road home before her body was found but it is thought she was alive for most of that time.

The DNA, or genetic fingerprint, is now being checked against the records of convicted offenders held by police.

If those test provide no link, detectives will consider launching a widespread test among residents on the estate.

A positive match would not prove who had killed Pat, but it would provide strong evidence that the person matching the DNA had been in the area around the time of Pat’s death.

Det Supt Derek Deakin said today: “As a result of extensive forensic tests on material, scientists have been able to produce a DNA profile. This has taken so long because of the amount of material they had examine. “The next stage is for this to be analysed against our DNA data bank in the first instance. After that consideration will be given to the logisitics of a mass screening in the area.”

Detectives have also launched fresh appeal for anyone with information who failed to contact them during the initial investigation to make contact now.

“We are appealing to anyone who has, for whatever reason, information they have not yet shared with us. People may know things they don’t consider significant, but they should talk to us and let us be the juge of that,” Said Det Supt Deakin.

DNA clue sparks new probePOLICE have made a crucial breakthrough in the Pat Grainger murder inquiry after scientists…

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  1. Good luck you deserve justice xx

  2. An attack like this is never an isolated incident! The police know that! So either they have someone in mind that is either dead or already locked up or they are just plain dumb and cant put the dots together. If it was me i would want my kids to know the truth. I applaude you for fighting on and trying to get justice for her. If you were my son i would be so proud!

  3. Unfortunetly most dna would have been washed away by the stream my mum was left in, so the clothing ect that the police lost would have holded most if any of remaining DNA but to be honest we need more than DNA to bring a conviction we need people that know or have been told what happend to come forward with the information they have even if they came forward in 1997 alot of the casefiles from 1997 are not easy for the small police team to get through so any information could be lost unfortunetly back in 1997 the police wasnt very organised and i belive they wasted too much time doing what they did when they should have been out there finding this person.

  4. Yeah sorry these articles are posted automatically from my website this particular article is from 1998 the police at the moment have 2 partial DNA profiles im unsure which of the two if any are from 1998 or if this was some form or publicity stunt by the police or a scare tactic but at the moment there is 2 DNA profiles which are too small to search the DNA database but are enough to eliminate people . Unfortunelty since then the police disposed of all the belonging so we cannot ask for further testing on them now that there is advances in technolgoy im currently awaiting the result of an investigation into the missing items the police have destroyed without my consent.

  5. Could’ve done this yr ago to get the family justise.

  6. In 98? Why has the profile not been investigated it could tell us hair color race and any genetical illnesses he might carry or have himself. Ggrr.

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