Five year heartache but Pat’s killer remains free

EDIT: The below article states my mums body was found under a mattress it was later found that the mattress was infact a divan bed base. Also it states her body was dragged into the water this is not a fact and it is not clear wether my mum had been killed prior to being where she was found or whether she was murdered in the location she was found, Water from the stream where her body was found, was found in her lungs after a post-mortem examination took place which means she had to have inhaled a breath while at the Brook, This also could mean an attempted drownding during my mothers attack.


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YESTERDAY was the fifth anniversary of the unsolved murder of 25-year-old Pat Grainger who was stabbed to death at Parson Cross. Crime reported Paul Whitehouse spoke to police and her family about a case which has never been colsed.


Five year heartache but Pat’s killer remains free


FIVE years after single mum Pat Grainger was stabbed to death and her body hidden under a mattress, police remain convinced someone still have the information which could bring her killer to justice.


Pat, who lived on Buchanan Road, Parson Cross, with her parents and five-year-old son Danny, was found by children playing at ‘the brook’, and open area of land with a stream which runs along the end of the estate.


She had disappeared several days earlier and it later emerged she had been stabbed to death following sexual assault, Her body was dragged into the water and covered with a mattress which kept her hidden until two schoolboys found her.




Despite an extensive police investigation no-one ever faced trial for her murder, but even today police believe there are still residents in the area who know enough to allow them to reactivate the case, if only they would come forward.


Det Chier Insp John Parr said: “it was a very extensive and intensive investigation and i have no doubt that in a close-knit community like Parson Cross there will be people with information that, for whatever reason, they didn’t pass on five years ago and are still sitting on.


“It was a tragic murder and I would encourage anyone who can help to come forward, in confidence, and talk to us,


“A number of people in that community will know who commited the offence and will have information which would enable us to move the investigation forward.


“The case is still very much open and we have a policy of reviewing them on a regular basis. If anyone has information about Pat’s death. I would be delighted to speak to them,” he said.


Five years ago the murder of Pat, who had learning difficulties, shocked the community she was a popular and well known figure on the estate, where she spend hours passing the time chatting with adults or playing with children. Friends and neighbours knew her as ‘Little Pat’


She lived with her mum, Harmina, stepdad Roy Wright and Danny. As the investigation developed, it emerged that Pat had almost certainly been alive and living in the area for several days after she was last seen at home.




Following her death Harmina and Roy adopted the boy and have done their best to give him a normal upbringing, but have been careful to ensure he maintains his cherished memories of the mum he lost at the age of five.


“He still remembers his mum and we do our best to make sure he doesn;t forget her, We adopted him and have brought him up,” Roy said.


The heartache of the anniversary has been made worse for Harmina by failing health. She spent the days leading up to the anniversary of her daughter’s murder in hospital recovering from a bout of pneumonia and was expected to need oxygen after her return home.


Roy added: “It has always been hard for us to know that no-one has ever been caught for it. Pats death is still very painful for us and I think about it every day. Harmina does the same as me, althogh we try not to think too much about it.


“At this stage there is nothing we can do. Even if the police caught someone for it now, there is nothing anyone could do that would bring her home again.

Pat, who lived on Buchanan Road, Parson Cross, with her parents and five-year-old son Danny, was found by children…

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