After 18 years dont you feel like moving on

Yesterday i was asked a question by a journalist the question was “After 18 years dont you feel like moving on leaving the past where it is and getting on with your life?” .

My reply was “how can i move on knowing someone out there probably still enjoying there life hurt my mum in such a violent sadistic way while not having the guts to come forward how can i move on? This person hurt my mum, stole her life, stole my life and they could do this again the person had enough knowledge to try there best at covering there tracks by placing my mum in the stream to wash away any potential DNA, the attack on my mum couldn’t have happened in darkness which leads me to believe this happened somewhere else but we know for a fact the person tried more than one way to kill my mum, any one of the ways would have been enough but even with the autopsy we cant determine her actual cause of death but we do know she was alive in the stream as the stream water was inside in her lungs which means she definitely took her last breath frightened in pain knowing she wasnt going to survive this disgusting act of cruelty this unforgivable act. Which is why until i get justice for my mum i cant move on i cant forget and i cant put the past where it is because this will never be out of my mind until that day the b**t**ds responsible are brought to justice and if anyone is protecting them they are no better than them, this wasn’t an accident it was a vicious attack with no intention than to kill my mum brutally and sexually assault her she was a young vulnerable mum of a 5 year old boy she would have befriended anyone who would give her the time of day and someone took advantage of that, how could anyone move on from that!”

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  1. its wrong hun 🙁 i so hope you get justice for your mum <3 stay strong hun, my thoughts are with you x

  2. Thank you netta and its hard enough dealing with something like this than having to worry about those responsible walking free. 5 years is nothing compared to someones life x

  3. i feel your pain hun, my mum got murdered by my so called father, we didnt really get justice as he only served 5yrs out of a life sentence, the justice in this country is wrong, i hope they find your mums killer and i hope he gets put away forever x

  4. The journalist tried asking the question without being offensive i didnt take offense i just answered it the best i could and i am ok thank you kerryx

  5. Your welcome Danny I wish u all the best of luck and im sorry your Mum got taken no one deserves that out thoughts will always be with you in our hearts and our prayers xx

  6. Thankyou charlotte and thank your mum i can remember your mum and you and sister x

  7. No way can you give up , hopefully one day who ever did it will have a guilty concierge and get what they deserve x

  8. I’ve been following this page for a while now, and seeing how much courage and care you have to find your mum’s killer. I can’t imagine how you’ve been feeling, I know your auntie Sharon and I can’t imagine how she’s been feeling all these years with you, not knowing who killed your mum/Sharon’s sister. It really breaks my heart. No matter what keep strong like you have been your whole life so far, your mum would never want you to give up xxx

  9. Never give up Danny my prayers are with you and your family I hope someday that the evil scum that did this is caught and brought to justice

  10. Take it that journalist has never lost anyone let alone in the way your mom died xx I knew your mom when she used to go to her cousin years ago and no one deserves to die in that way . She would be so so proud of you Danny for how you are fighting to try and find who has done this and I aswell of thousands of others will give you backing all the way love xxx

  11. This is so sad . Nothing stays a secret forever someone at some point will slip up . I hope you find whoever took your mother and you can finally be at peace

  12. Don’t give up, Danny. It took 31 years to catch Ronald Castree, the filthy scum who murdered little Lesley Molseed, but he was brought to justice. The lowlife scum who murdered Pat will get theirs, one day, and will be looking over their shoulders for the rest of their miserable pathetic lives, waiting for that knock on the door, and that tug on their collar, the click of handcuffs locking. I wholeheartedly wish them not a single second’s peace and never a night’s sleep until that cell door slams behind them and they can rot in jail.

  13. Keep strong, and I totally understand you cannot have closure untill the bastard is caught, I pray for you and that he is found

  14. Same here Danny xxx Keep strong love, your mum would be very proud of you, she,s watching over you urging you on and she,s walking side by side with you. xxx

  15. We are all behind you Danny L Grainger, no matter who we are, family, friends and strangers we are one step behind you xx Cuz x

  16. Thank you all 🙂 i wont stop fighting aslong as its out there and i keep it out there those responsible will always be looking over their shoulder its only a matter of time be justice will be served x

  17. How can they ask such a question!? Would they simply move on” if they’d lost their mum in the horrific way you did. So insensitive. Hope ur ok x”

  18. Keep going Danny my mum said her thoughts are with you serena ring a bell? She lived across road my mum said your mum was a harmless women she was lovely and I’m behind you and thinkeveryone else is who’s trying to get justice for pat may your prayers be answered Danny ????xx

  19. I wouldn’t beable to move on either if it was my mum.keep going danny dont give up and stay sure your mum would be very proud of you xx