In a little over 3 weeks it will be the 20TH Anniversary since my mum was murdered

In a little over 3 weeks it will be the 20TH Anniversary since my mum was murdered, ‘On the brook’ in Parson Cross, Sheffield.

As some of you are aware for the last 9 years i have been trying to keep awareness off my mums murder out there in the media and in the attention of the public to not let those who have been walking free believe they have gotten away with it.

Unfortunately as much as i want to believe that 9 years of this really does knock your confidence and hope in getting justice, Especially with recent events and finding’s that have come to light in the previous years Almost all hope has been lost.

I have endured countless interviews with the media, police, etc  and for some reason i haven’t given up yet, i don’t want to but sometimes it does get harder and take longer to adjust to doing it again
Hopefully i will be making an appeal around the anniversary with a local newspaper who at times i honestly praise more than the police,  I will update more about that later.

The media and you guys sharing my post on facebook/twitter are only what’s keeping this investigation alive.

Ideally id love to finally see a Crimewatch appeal to say its been 20 years and the police still haven’t utilized the biggest crime show in the UK, though i suppose the recent finding have something to do with that :/

I can’t help but think that someone out there knows who killed my mum but they haven’t seen my message yet, i feel we haven’t tried everything to secure justice for my mum, she couldn’t defend herself 20 years ago and i want to defend her now, I want justice for my mum and i couldn’t publicly post what i would want to do to him myself but ill settle for a day in court.

I can’t comment on what the police have to say since i haven’t spoken to them since October 2016 but i can guess its ‘We’re actively reviewing blah blah, if something comes in we might do something blah blah”

I don’t want to make this longer than it needs to be but please continue to like and share my page, and hopefully my article in a few weeks,

You can also share any page on my website.

It only takes that one share to find the right person who knows something so if you have read this far please share this post.
Danny x

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