Update Mobile Police Unit Deployed in Parson Cross.

Had a meeting today with south yorkshire police in regards to the 20th anniversary of my mums murder,

Had a great meeting glad to hear they are wanting to actively seek information from the public,

We have spoke of a mobile police until being deployed in parson cross on the 10th august (20th anniversary) so any member of the public who have not been able to come forward may approach the mobile unit and provide the information they have.

I urge anyone regardless how small if you think you know something please please attend at the unit i will provide location details as soon as they are given to me.

In addition a dedicated police number will be in operation on the day where you can call in to give any information direct to the investigating officers.

Posters will be placed around the area as a means to attract the right attention of those out there that may have information.

Many news outlets will be contacted by south yorkshire police with the offer of running a story and comments will be made by the senior investigating officer.

Looking forward to solving this once and for all if you know anything 10th August 2017 is the day to come forward.

Its time for action its time for justice please stop protecting the person responible for this horendous crime stop protecting the person who killed my mum.

You can always still contact crimestoppers and myself via the website www.whokilledmymum.com

and sharing my posts help out alot it help gets the message out there to those responible your time is limited.

Please share my post and updates over the next few days its now or never lets catch them.


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