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  1. erin (coventry, UK)

    hi danny i read your mums story in a magazine and just to think about what you have been through brought me to tears even though i do not know you i am still so proud of you for carrying on this strong i really do wish the very best for yuou an your family and im praying that you get justice and can finally give your mum the send off she deserved all them years ago ill keep checking this website for updates. keep ur chin up i know its hard love erin

  2. Iwish you all the luck in the world with your search and hope something positive happens for you soon.Iheard you on our local radio station here in Hampshire and was very impressed with your determination,very refreshing in a 16year old,I will keep up to date with your blog,love to ALL your family.

  3. je viens de lire ton histoire dans le nouveau detective nous sommes de tous coeur avec vous

  4. hey im sooo sorry to hear about what happened to your mum no one should go through that … i hope you get justice xx

  5. Dave (frankfurt)

    I wish you all the best and i’m sorry you lost your mum, you obviously love and miss her very much. I will do what I can but in any case I hope you live your life to the full now.

  6. Sofiya (Hounslow)

    OMG! So sorry, read about this in the Sun, my heart bleeds for you Danny. Hopefully the idiot who did this goes to hell and is sentenced and hated for life… I admire your story and I love your courage. Keep it up mate and you will triumph.

  7. Hey Dan i have bin checking this site every week month or when i get the chance i hope you are getting some answers of these people supporting u and give you all the luck you could ever need i really wish you could help i bet the police are still trying but that killer deserves a life sentence for doin this to u no one should lose there mom m8 as techno advances they will prob find him go threw everything u can to put him in jail for the longest time possible best of luck!!!

  8. sheryl - glasgow

    i’m soo sorry to hear bout what happend .. i cannot imagin what your goin thro .. i hope the killer is caught soon to face justice & kept behind bars for life!! i admire what your are doin .. be strong (

  9. hi danny, sorry for all of your pain that your going through, i have just read the story in REAL PEOPLE, you are doin a tremendous and couragous job to find your mums killer and i pray that you succeed, all the best for your future to you and your family, hope you get justice soon, thinking of all of you x x x x x

  10. Hi danny you are such a brave boy. I knew your mum via Debbie Leadwood ( my sister in law ) Your mum was one in a million person the laughs we had with her when she was at Debbies. She never stopped laughingWe all missed and still do God bless you xxx

  11. danny im from foxhill and my my friend was one of the lads who found your mom he as never said much about it my mum was the one who told me i really feel for man i could never go threw what you went threw even thou my dad died but not threw that stay strong mate xxxxx#

  12. hi danny ur mum would b so proud of u and i hope u find out who done this and very soon they deserve to b locked away 4 life all the best 4 the future x

  13. Hi Danny, my family owned a shop on Parson Cross, we remember your mum well, and your nan, bless them both, keep up the good work sunshine, xxxx

  14. hi danny i think its great what youre doing!! youre mum would be proud!!! i lived on deerlabds t the time of youre mums murder i was 16 and still remember the police questioning everyone.i used to see youre mum alot when i walked up to knutton,she always had a smile on her face and said hello everytime . i hope the police catch who did this to youre mum,its gone on long enough now……best wishes for youre future and in youre search X

  15. Rob from london

    i think your a brilliant person danny, i hope you get the justice you & your family deserve. all the best

  16. melissa frm shef p.x

    danny my step-dad knows mst of ur family he knew ur mum. She was a marvolus lady n i wish u luk luv. xx xx xx

  17. bless you! what a sad, sad story!!! I hope that you can solve this dreadful crime and then move on with your life…..My thoughts are with you….xxx

  18. danny, i dont know you or your family, however my thoughts and love go out to you all. cant imagine the pain you all going through. i sincerly hope there is justice in the world and they catch the killer/killers? if any consolation i think your mum would be very proud to have a son do what your doing in your teenage years. i wish you the very best. love to you all.

  19. Just read your article in the Sun newspaper. I am so sorry for the loss of your mum and I think what you are doing is very brave. With your efforts let’s hope the person or people who did this are found and punished. Good luck I’m sure your Mum is looking over you and is extremely proud x

  20. danny youre story in the sun really touched me, i wish you all the happiness and peace in the world youre an absolute inspiration

  21. Danny you are a credit to your Mum and she would be so proud of you well done and dont give up

  22. melissa frm shef p.x

    hope u ok luv uve got al my support 2 find the sick bastards that murdered ur mum god bless ya. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. Thinking of you…dont give up x

  24. melissa frm shef p.x

    danny u wil get justice 4 wat happend 2 ur mum xxxx

  25. melissa frm shef p.x

    danny i no u frm skwl hope u ok. im so sorry bout wat happend 2 ur mum i hope u find the evil people who did it. god bless xxx

  26. Hi Danny. Just read about you in the paper, and i felt compelled to drop by and tell you how amazing i think you are. Your stength is an inspiration to us all. I wish you much sucess in finding your mums killer, and hope that you can find some peace soon…xxx

  27. Hello Danny, this story is so tragic and I really hope the catch the person/people responsible. My thought are with you always x

  28. sorry im from Arbroath xx

  29. i seen your appearance in the paper today. im so sorry to hear about your mum. this is a great idea your mum will be so proud of you. wen i read the paper my heart went out to you. hope you find this evil man soon. good luck and God Bless xxx

  30. dont give up.

  31. Dear Danny, I wish you all the very best in your fight for justice. Im so sorry to hear you lost your nan and pray that the killer(s) is found soon. Your mum is looking down on you & must be so proud. God bless x

  32. read your so sad story hope you find your mums killers and find peace god bless .You desevre all the happiness life as to give and i hope you find it .

  33. Hey Danny, my thoughts are with you and your family, I am sure that your mum is looking down on you proudly because of your determination to see justice done, good for you – you are an inspiration as you have chanelled your sadness into putting together this amazing site, you have touched us all – as you can see from all of these messages, and i wish you every success in putting the person responsible behind bars for the rest of their life. x

  34. Just read your article in The Sun, hopefully someone somewhere will be able to find the missing piece of this jigsaw for you, to enable you to feel closure and let you properly grieve for your mum Danny, you and your family are in everyones thoughts and prayers, God Bless You xx

  35. I read your article today in the sun. Good for you Daneil, i hope you find some peece in your life.

  36. I hope someone with a spare few pounds will be able to donate some money to keep this site going for you. Saw your story in the sun and find you an inspiration to all teens Dan, dont give up on what you believe in holding you in my heart today x

  37. my thought are with you danny and family

  38. my thought’s are with you danny

  39. Dear Danny, Whatever happens try to keep going, I wish you the best in your quest and hope you get to the ultimate end of being able to see the person/s responsible for this crime get their just desserts, so good luck and all the best wishes from us up here in Scotland.

  40. Michele, New Zealand

    I read the article today on Sun along side millions of other people. I hope they find the person/people and justice is done. Your mum will be proud of you Danny! Good luck xoxoxo

  41. Good luck, your mother would be proud of you.. never give up!!! x

  42. dave- New Zealand

    Im sure with this determination justice will find you and your family. All the best Danny and i hope you are doing well yourself?

  43. dearest Danny..I will pray for you;re wonderful;re Mum would be so proud.i truly hope when I visit you;re page someday soon the evil person in question will already be behind bars where he belongs..very best to you and the family sonxxxx

  44. hi danny i knew your mum really well when she was younger no one deserved what happened to her like you said she

  45. Do you have a group about this on facebook ????

  46. hey up kidda hows it goin u came too my house the outher night just thought u should no m8 that bringing u in out of the cold n havin a chat with u shows how much we care i hope what was said too u by me mam n dad helps u like u said could be nothing but atleast its sumthing n dont let small minded pricks get u down wether it be on your page or on the streets my thoughts really go out too u pal whished i could help ya m8 but i am sure the day will happen for u that whoever it is is found best of luck bruv take care see u about darren xx

  47. Jo from Aussie

    What a great young man you are Danny! I wish you all the best for 2009 and hope it brings some peace to your life. God Bless

  48. Natasha Robinson

    I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy…. and to think god made us all, Well done Danny for staying strong you and your family are in my prayers…. I hope those sick people get caught and die a long and painfull death…bastards

  49. Dear Danny ,I read your sad story in one of Polish newspapers !! I’m deeply moved and support you in all efforts to find your Mum’s murderer(s) May God help you ! Wishing you all the best !! Iza

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