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  1. Sorry in my last post there where some mistakes spelling wise you can delete that if you don’t mind id rather we write a proper one at a latte date because im currently at work thank you

  2. I went through so much when i was younger i was so depressed beyond words…the reason that triggerd it was that terrible thigns in the world happen like this.I’m so eternally sorry for you and think your moth would be so proud.I hope more than anything that you find justice you can e-mail me if you need any help ever.I know i can’t do much and i understand that but i honestly would go out my way for someone who has suffered what you reminds me to always be grateful for what you have.good luck with getting justice

  3. Thinking of you well done for remembering your Mother hope you get justice for her and that you are able to live a full life and enabling her to be proud of her lovely son.

  4. May you rest in peace patrica danny you are such a brave and wonderful young man being able to fight for justice after all this has happend to you.The ‘Police’ should be ashamed!!!! Sarah * * *

  5. Hey Danny, I have been visiting your site quite regularly for updates and live in hope that one day, you will be posting good news and telling us all that the evil perpitators of this crime have been caught.Your site is amazing, truly and so is the love and dedication that you still hold for you beautiful mum, you know it breaks my heart each and every time I read your blog, I won’t even try and pretend to imagine what you and your family are going through, but please be aware that there are many (thousands upon thousands) of people out there who have been touched and angered by your story. I do believe in karma Danny, and know that one day the evil * * *(s) that did this WILL suffer for it, so please, take comfort in that fact!The fact that your mum lives on, in you will keep her memory alive for all eternity, it just breaks my heart to know that she has been deprived of watching her amazing, gorgeous boy grow up to be a funny, intelligent and astounding young man! :,( I know that she’s with you all, looking down and protecting you, some people are just too good and pure for this world Danny!! Keep up the amazing work your doing, I for one are so, so proud of you and I’m so happy to have you as a friend (on Facebook) …we will get together and have that drink sometime!! Love you lots Danny!Emma xx

  6. Danny, I came on your site after reading a thread on Sheffield Forum that you initially posted in 2008 and people are still commenting on this a goos thing … it great to see that your terrible experience is still being brought to peoples attention … This means that people are remembering your mum, and this dreadfull event is still being kept in people minds … one day Danny, someone will remember something and come forward and you will find out and you will get justice for your mum and peace for your family. Much respect to you Danny – you are doing the right thing. Thoughts are with you x

  7. sheryl schofield

    hi this came to my attention as your mum had learning difficulties like my boys, how anybody could do this to anybody is horrendous but someone with learning difficulties is beyond belief, you sound a very bright articulate young man that your mum would have been proud of, with your determination and passion i believe one day you will bring your mums killer to justice dont give up and all the best sherylxx

  8. Callum Costello

    hey im only 13 i just think its sad for som1 to have there mum taken away from them like that soz dude i dono if you read these but its best if you do they could keep your spirit up if your still down in the dumpsGL!Signed Mr Costello ^^ :!cool:

  9. Well done with what your doing

  10. danny im pruod of what ur doing !we will find who did it!luv ya xxxxxx 😀

  11. I hope one day you will get the answer you deserve and that justice will come for you, your family and your mum.

  12. I didn’t know about this site until recently and I remember vividly when this happened. I was around 11 years old.My parents stopped my frequent lone visits to Colley Shop as there was a great sense of fear and shock within the community.I think you are a brave inspiration and wish you all the luck in the world at finding the person that did this. No one who can cause harm to a human being in this way should be free to live a normal life.Your Mum would be so proud of you. All the best.

  13. This is the new message board for the website will try import messages from the old message board ASAP.Thank you. :)

  14. i am watching the Sticks and Stones program right now. and i just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world. i always watch programs like this, but tonight it has really effecticed me emotionally. i think what you are doing is great, keep it up and i hope you find the evil person who did this! good luck xxx

  15. good luck with the search. If you have a solicitor could they contact the BBC and get it on Crimewatch?

  16. laura your cousin

    danny i am proud of what ur doin and scared of tomz on channel 4

  17. Hi, Dan, we will be with you, and support you, never give up. You are a great boy i have never met

  18. wish justice comes to you. Time will give us the answer.O(n_n)O~From China

  19. I really hope you and you’re family get justice.

  20. Never give up Danny,one day the news you badly need will come forward.

  21. Danny, I’ve heard about you on russian news. I hope the murder/s will be found.Your Mother would be very proud of you.

  22. love you danny and auntie p ,ma

  23. i am from China , i read your story in the site… i think your mum was proud of you …you are really amazing .. i hope we can make a friends in the Internet. ****@*** . Best wishes&God bless you !!!

  24. danny, you no ur mom will be proud of ya and just keep trying mate i know u miss her and i no how hard it has been for you just stay strong mate an justice will be served keep strong bud

  25. My thoughts are with u It must be hard but keep going Danny Good Luck

  26. Never give up, someone must know something. Thinking of you and your poor mother. xxxx

  27. Danny your an amazing individual, Justice will be served upon this or these animals that have done this. Good Luck

  28. Christian(Norwich)En

    i hope you have luck finding the sick excuses for human beings that have done this terrable crime, they don’t deserve to have a life and in my opinion prison is to good for him/them.Good luck

  29. Hope You Find These Sadistic People And Your Mum Willl Be So Proud Of You For Doing This For Her

  30. Shannon (Leicester)

    Hi Danny! i heard about ur website on television..First of all i would like to say how brave you are..your mum would be so proud of you ? who ever did this to your mum is sick..he/she/they took her away from you..and i hope the police find them soon your so brave its unreal this website is great (Y) whoever killed you mum dersevers to be horribly punished just by reading about your mum i could tell she loved you..take care Danny ?

  31. Sarah from Japan

    Hi, I came to your web site from a Japanese news site’s article. I can’t even imagine how big the pain you and your family went through is. I really really pray that the justice will be done. I’m sure your mum is really proud of you. I’ll be praying for you and your family, and ofcourse for the justice to be done.

  32. Tiffany(singapore)

    Hi Danny… i really hope that the killer can be found after reading your blog i felt heart pain i really cannot imagine how it would be like if my mum is not with me… i am really sorry for you Danny

  33. chelsea (rotherham)

    first of all, I am so sorry for your loss Danny. I have visited this page a number of times, but this is the first time i have left a message. I think what you are doing is such an amazing thing and I am sure your mum would be proud of the person you have become, I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through and I hope so much that the police will find who took your mum from you. Stay strong Danny, one day you and your mum will have justice. All my love sent to you, your family, your mum and all her friends. x

  34. Good luck, don’t give up


  36. nicky hautzinger

    hope some day u catch the dirty cunt who couid do sme thing like this im 28 and god 4bid if some dirty basdard did this to my mum i think i wod go in sane so well done 4 staying same got nothing but respecked 4 u mate the dirty basdard will come out ov the wood work 1 day mate stay calm and cool in facked a bet the dirty cunts even had cheak to look at your web site the filty cunt u take care now mate and trustme yell get the basdard i realy dont no how u r living a normal life well done 4 bringing it back coz a bet the useless police put a line tro it till u did this well done good luck from nicky barnsley s yorkshire

  37. Hello Danny, I came across your mums tragic case while researching an art project on unidentified killers. The things i have heard and read about have shocked me deeply, but i have never before this come across somebody with so much love and determination for justice. Keep going Danny. You should be incredibly proud of yourself, you are undeniably strong. My best wishes and warmest regards.x

  38. Hi there, i would just like to send you my best wishes and i hope that in the not too distant future you get justice for your mom and your family. I can’t begin to imagine how hard it must be for you, stay strong and never give up, have faith these evil people must be caught they surely can’t hide forever. x

  39. Jack (Sheffield)

    Danny, Your Mum Must Be So Proud Of You, I Cannot Think How Hard Life May Have Become For You And Your Family, Stay Strong And Hopefully This Evil Person Who Killed Your Mum Will Be Caught And Punished To The Maximum

  40. bring him/her to me bfor they go to court soo i can cut there throat leeds lads

  41. I mean proud..

  42. Aww..your so sweet,your mum would be pre

  43. omg…I cannot belive how sad that story was(read it in real life/real people mag)soo soo sad I am really sorry about what happened.Keep hope and stay strong.from:somebody xx

  44. Danny, your mum must be so proud of you. I cannot begin to imagine how hard life has been for you, I hope that this case is resolved fast and that you receive the comfort you deserve when this evil person is caught. I wish you love and hope your mission is successful.xxxxxxx

  45. He?? ! Don”t Worr? The Person (People) That Killed Yourr Mom Will Be Found One Da??. You Are Reall? Brave, Sta? Strong x

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