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MURDER of Patricia Grainger – Family Appeal for Unsolved Sheffield Mums Murder

MURDER of Patricia Grainger – Family Appeal for Unsolved Sheffield Mums Murder – Who Killed My Mum?

Short clip i have put together using footage from our Channel4 documentary and its received great support via my facebook page www.facebook.com/WhoKilledMyMum

!!!!PLEASE SHARE MY NEW VIDEO!!!! (Reuploaded, 25 July 2018)

Originally posted june 2015

!!!!PLEASE SHARE MY NEW VIDEO!!!!Who Killed My Mum?www.whokilledmymum.comOn August 10th 1997 my mum Patricia (Pat)…

Posted by Who Killed My Mum? Patricia Grainger Unsolved Sheffield Murder on Thursday, June 4, 2015

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  1. I pray one day they find the evil creature that did this to her so her family can finally have some sort of closure. Rip patricia

  2. shared, hope you get justice xx

  3. shared Danny x

  4. Come on someone out there knows this person, DONT hide him, would you want some to hide the person who killed one of your family? NO you would,nt so WHY hide him, make him pay for what he,s done and what he has put this poor lad through. GIVE HIM UP NOW!

  5. thank you for sharing again cath it really means alot x

  6. Heartbreaking, crying my eyes out, your heartbreak and pain is far worse than mine, I will keep sharing

  7. Great Poetry in the video like to know who narrated it he is a good poet.

  8. Thankyou julie x

  9. Hope there find who did this danny.i used to talk to your mum when I saw her x

  10. Thats what im hoping just need the right information to come in, hoping anyone keeping silence breaks it 🙂 , thank you x

  11. I remember it so well it really shocked everyone hopefully someone will come forward you deserve justice ur mum does ur a fighter n u will win one day truth will out always does x

  12. Thank you natalie x

  13. Thank you leanne x

  14. Thank you marie x

  15. I hope they find the person who did it as she never hurt anyone an I know people cud be cruel sometimes but she never deserved any of it r.i.p Patsy hope u don’t mind me calling her that as it’s wot we called her

  16. Thank you Marie x

  17. Thank you paula x

  18. Thank you Fiona x

  19. Thank you Laura x

  20. Thank you maria x

  21. Thank you julia x

  22. Thank you diane x

  23. Thank you alison x

  24. Thank you Michelle, x

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