MURDER of Patricia Grainger – Family Appeal for Unsolved Sheffield Mums Murder

MURDER of Patricia Grainger – Family Appeal for Unsolved Sheffield Mums Murder – Who Killed My Mum?

Short clip i have put together using footage from our Channel4 documentary and its received great support via my facebook page

!!!!PLEASE SHARE MY NEW VIDEO!!!! (Reuploaded, 25 July 2018)

Originally posted june 2015

!!!!PLEASE SHARE MY NEW VIDEO!!!!Who Killed My Mum?www.whokilledmymum.comOn August 10th 1997 my mum Patricia (Pat)…

Posted by Who Killed My Mum? Patricia Grainger Unsolved Sheffield Murder on Thursday, June 4, 2015

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  1. Reshared in kirkby Merseyside,I hope your interview helps you get more information good luck xx

  2. re-shared in Cornwall x

  3. Thank you all for continuing to share my page and video, ive uploaded the lasest video on the page from calendar tonight.

  4. hi hunni l wont say l know what you are going through cos l dont but what l can say is l will share your fb info and hope fully someone may be able to help if you ever need any help on here with sharing info or pictures please feel free to tag me in any thing you want l saw you on calendar news tonight and l realy felt for you cos you must be going through a terrible thing lm pleased you have reopened the case cos you need to be strong for your mum she would want you to find out what happend that fatefull day or night l just hope you find whoever did this to your mum is caught but also feeling out of place with there mind body and soul you deserve the truth and the truth must be found god bless your dear mum and all the family and god bless you x marie

  5. Could try getting a Psychic or a Telepath in to help find out who killed her and how?

  6. Shared lv good luck with it and hope u get ur answers soon been way to long now xxx

  7. Shared again in Liverpool.

  8. Thank you all for sharing and those of you that keep sharing, unfortunetly atm due to lack of support from the police this is our main hope of getting justice for my mum, please continue to share my post page and videos as the further i can take this the better chances we have of getting those responsible and resharing is just as good as that first share if each share only gets one view thats one more person close to finding out who did this thank you all.

  9. There’s a Facebook page called pictures of Sheffield old & new” … has 23

  10. shared Cornwall. Lets hope some of my buddies up country see this too. x

  11. Sharing your sad story in carshalton Surrey,and I hope the people responsible are caught and brought to justice ..

  12. Shared for you hope one day you get the justice you deserve sending hugs xxxxx

  13. So sad I was 1 of the kids playing that day horrific Wat sum people are capable of let’s find justice

  14. I have commented on any shares I can see,so to those that I can’t see/haven’t commented on thank you again for sharing its really appreciated, the person/s responsible could still be in Sheffield or could have moved out of town so the more shares the video gets the further this goes and the better chance we have of finding those responsible thank you all for your help 🙂

  15. Shared for you. Hope whoever did this is seeing this getting shared around and is having nightmares. Thoughts and well wishes sent your way. Xx

  16. Hope who ever killed your mum will come forward when and if they see this on Facebook they are just cowards to take someone’s life and you can finally live in peace

  17. Shared! Thoughts are with you x

  18. Danny, I hope the people who are harbouring your mum’s killers come forward, and a prosecution follows. Its about time justice was served for you and your mum. X

  19. So very sorry for your loss, shared. I hope that one day you get the answers that you deserve and the justice that your Mum deserves xx

  20. Keep the hope that one day the person that did this awful thing to such a loving caring lady gets found and justice is done

  21. I hope they find the sick piece of human waste who murdered your mum I can’t imagine how much you and your poor family have been through your mum needs justice if anybody knows who did this or knows anything know matter how small it seems it could help please put yourself in this families shoes no child should have to go through the pain you went through and are still going through x

  22. God Bless you and your family!

  23. Hoping you get the justice she deserves …. Shared x x x

  24. Thank you all the views keep growing

  25. Thank you all the shares are still going strong one day we’ll get the answer but just knowing even if this doesnt bring us any closer to finding out it will keep reminding them what they have done and hopefully its punishing them mentally like it has done to us.. thank you all again for your support. Danny

  26. I really hope you get justice one day, It’s a cruel world 🙁 my heart goes to you and your family. I have shared for you aswell xx

  27. Hope u get yr wish lv cus the cunt wants hangin pardon my language

  28. Hi hope one day they find out who killed her so justice can be done and give u and yr family so peace x

  29. i feel for you i knew patricia she was a lovely person hope you get justice xx RIP pat ….ps ive shared this too x

  30. i remeber wen that happend. she was found at the back ov my aunties garden bless x

  31. Danny L Grainger ?? shared ??

  32. Thank you all for sharing im so greatful it means alot to see how much support everyone shows your all amazing 🙂 thank you

  33. Shared bless you all, I hope you get the right answers, someone somewhere must no something xxx

  34. Pat was a lovely person I used play in park with her and her sister when we was children,our mums was best friends. So sad that someone did this to her,she would hurt a fly. Let’s try and get this evil person behind bars. Thinking of you and your family.xx

  35. I’m sorry this has never been resolved Sharon, I’ve shared your video… its not much but I hope one day you’ll have some more answers. hugs x

  36. I remember when I was young and this happened was very upsetting… Hope justice can be done and the person caught… The police seem to be a bit useless

  37. I know you don’t know me but someone on my friends list shared it….hope you find out who did this horrible nasty thing to a lovely lady…

  38. I was ten at time I rember this and I lived not far away my brother has learning difficulties and the thought made me sick I think they should bring back hanging and torture we too soft on this country

  39. I remember that can not believe no one was found fir doing such a horrible thing to someone taking a little bits mum

  40. Surly someone knows something it’s time for it to be solved so the family can have some sort of peace. It must be a living hell not knowing why and who did this to lovely lady …

  41. I remember hearing about the crime.about a women with learning disabilities. And I carnt beleive they haven’t caught nobody .what about dna carnt police put dna threw data base

  42. Shared x Sending my best wishes to your family ….let justice be done for Pat x

  43. Lovely person who ever killed her wants giving electric chair evil scum

  44. I remember her last visit to mi house she was so cheerfull full of smiles. Wish I’d’ve took that photo of her cuddling my son he was only 3 She was a great friend always smiles and laughing fun to be with x.

  45. Thank you all for sharing

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