What makes a crime worth investigating? Solving? Deserve funding to search for answers?

Rewards being offered?

Crimestoppers being involved?

You see certain cases get funding, certain cases get solved and certain cases are always being investigated.

But what makes one differ from the other?

Public Interest? Media? Police Force? Police not wanting to look bad? or just the actual fact an investigation is unsolved.

Should not all cases have the same amount of resources given to them, even if based on serverity i’m not talking about crimes happening today as i know full well that a crime taking place now will and always will take a priority but when is the time my mums case will be seen as a priority… because it doesn’t seem like it ever has with SYP, They can talk the talk.

In my mums case i know 3 days after her murder the detectives investigating were at a football match as a relative attended the police station for a meeting when they enquired where all the officers were they were told ‘Their at the match’

My Mum

I’ve provided 100s of messages which people have past on but i was told last year its all put into a computer and the computer will tell them what needs looking at and what doesn’t.. what happended to old fashioned police work.. This guy did it.. Go Arrest them.

In 1997 a witness relayed information that a possible suspects family member was seen burning something in a bin in their garden once this was reported it took the police hours to attended even though this person was a key person of interest by the time they had arrived the fire had burned down.

I can find 2 articles from around 1997 that the police had some input on.

The rest had been done by family or the media directly.

Between 2002-2008 my mums investigation had been forgotten about.

It was only after an article in the star and the star contacting the police that they actually got in touch.

When i enquired in 2008/9/12 and every year in between to have my mums case featured on crimewatch,

I was told the police would not approach crimewatch as they did not want 100s of useless calls as they feel the answers lie in parson cross, My point is they wasn’t getting any calls and we only need to one to solve this.

I even offered with family to answer the calls ourselves.

This was still rejected.


As most of you know the police also lost a lot of my mums belongings including the clothes she was wearing at the time she was found, although i did get an apology for this!

On the 20th Anniversary in 2017 i had a meeting with the SIO at this point i was ready to reveal my mums injuries as it felt like nothing was happening with the investigation and i felt the public knowing everything would make a difference to anyone withholding information but i was persuaded not to as to not jeopardise the investigation.

SIO Dave Stopford

SIO Dave Stopford agreed to a mobile police unit (mobile police station) being in parson cross on the 20th anniversary for people to give evidence.. Great.. or so it seemed

The police mobile unit (Police Van) was positioned on Buchanan road as soon as it was publicised in the paper the Police Van moved to margetson shops. I attended and gave interviews ect this didn’t bring anything in.

So what’s the issue here?

Well for a start this was somewhat a joke who is going to approach a police van in broad daylight and speak about something they have been hiding for 20 years, When you can hardly call a police van, a mobile police station.

To top it off the police when stopping the public to talk to them rather than asking about the investigation he was asking people if he could have a chat about the area while the camera’s filmed him talking to the public..

Since then we have barely had any communication from SYP and when i have it has been a short ‘We will looking into and get back to you..’ still waiting to get back to me after 16 months or so. about the reward i have been wanting to put up.

Again some cases seem to get resources thrown at them, Officers investigating… Somebody coughs and its in the national news.

The police refuse to let me have a copy of my mums autopsy, Refuse to let me see some investigation notes they have on my mum. As its ‘An Active’ Investigation.. about as active as the police on the streets.

I would happily go through all the case files with a detective help them shift through the sh!t, If it meant somebody was looking at it. That the possibility of it being solved was real. As i can’t imagine being in this same situation 20 years from now.

The police say they will look into any new lines of enquiries but what if they already have the information or had the answers but there lost or not being looked at.

I recently watched a documentary about a murder investigation in Australia it seems the police aren’t much different there a lot of the police can remember the investigation but a lot can’t say if they actually worked on it.

The police have boxes and boxes of information.. People keep coming forward with information yet what’s actually getting done down at the police station as if i ever want to get in touch with someone about the investigation it takes me days. So i really do worry if information is past on that its going to go to the right place.

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