Progress made with Sheffield Mums Unsolved 1997 Murder £5,000 reward offer

Finally some progess.

As first mentioned in the star article. Son of murdered Sheffield woman wants to offer £5,000 reward to help catch killer,

I have been waiting since May 2018 to set the seal on my reward offer of £5,000 to be given to anyone who comes forward with the information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for my mum’s murder in Sheffield 1997.

There has been a lot of red tape to get through and chasing up to make sure everthing is above board and legal but i anticipate to have everything finialised with Crimestoppers in the next few weeks to finally publicised that the reward offer is available to anyone coming forward with information. At the present time the contract is pending and no reward is currently on offer until signed and publicised by myself or crimestoppers as otherwise.

Some Legal Facts about the pending reward.

  • I will be providing the reward money through CRIMESTOPPERS TRUST
  • I seek information about the Crime and agree to provide the Reward to CST for payment by CST on behalf of myself.
  • The Reward is payable by CST on behalf of myself to any person(s) that provide information during the Reward Period which results in the arrest and conviction of person(s) that have pleaded guilty or are found to be guilty by a Regulatory Authority of the Crime.

About the murder

Patricia Grainger Murder in Sheffield.

My mum Patricia Grainger was stabbed, sexually assaulted and strangled before her body was dumped under a discarded bed base in Parson Cross, Sheffield 23 years ago this August 10th (August 10th 2020)

Detectives revealed early in the investigation that Patricia, who had learning difficulties and the mental capacity of a 12-year-old child, was stabbed, sexually assaulted and strangled.

Her body was then dumped under a discarded bed base near to a brook close to her family home in Buchanan Road, Parson Cross.

Recently i disclosed more details about the nature of my mum’s death in a bid to encourage anyone with information to come forward I revealed that my mum’s body was horrifically mutilated by her killer..

My Thoughts

There could be someone out there worried about the repercussions of coming forward and this might just be what it takes to persuade them. It might be enough for them to move away from the area for example.

Detectives have exhausted all avenues in the hunt for the killer to no avail.

Everything apart from a national appeal on Crimewatch has been done over the years. I feel that the reward is all that is left and this is why it it is important to me,

Because of her mental capacity my mum ‘would be friends with anyone who would give her the time of day’.


Someone ‘betrayed her’ and ‘abused that trust’.

She wasn’t treated as human, she was treated as worthless and abused in the most unforgivable ways

Whatever the reason for not coming forward before, I don‘t care. We just need this information to help solve this and let mum rest in peace.

I still fear that the killer could strike again.

There is someone out there who has done things that people with normal thoughts would not,

Whoever did this has killed once and could easily kill again. They need to be caught and made to pay the price for murdering my mum.

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.


To help jog peoples memory of August 1997 during the week my mum was found.

It was exactly

Princess Diana Public Domain Photo Wikimedia Foundation
  • 3 weeks prior to the death of Diana, Princess of Wales On 31 August 1997,
  • 5 August 1997, Nigel Spackman was appointed as permanent manager of Sheffield United


  • 9 August 1997 Sheffield Wednesday lost an away game to Newcastle United.


  • 10 August 1997Sheffield United won an home game against Sunderland.


  • 13 August Sheffield Wednesday lost a home game to Leeds United.




David Pleat Image from public domain via twitter hashtag #pleat
  • David Pleat was manager of Sheffield Wednesday


  • 16 August 1997 Sheffield United drew at an away game against Wolverhampton Wanderers.


  • The Full Monty, was set and filmed in Sheffield in August 1997.


I wish i knew of other events around this time.

If people have any more memories of key events from august 1997 it would be great to hear.





In 1997

2 Women and A Man were arrested, They were arrested after conflicting accounts about where Pat had stayed. Read more.

Also in 1997

A 45 Year old man was charged with my mums murder and later released due to a witness withdrawing a statement. Read more.

In 2008

The police arrested 2 males who were later release without charge, the arrest came within 2 months of launching the website Who Killed My Mum, Read more.


The below are confirmed and possible sightings of my mum prior to her murder during the week she was missing. 

Thursday 7th August 1997

Confirmed Sighting at Northern General Hospital with a white male.

Saturday 9th August 1997

Possible Sighting – a man was seen talking to Pat about 12 hours before she was last seen alive. She was chatting to the man at about 7:45am at the junction of Holgate Crescent and Holgate Road on Saturday August 9. The man was white, aged about 30, five feet six to eight inches tall with dark hair, greasy or gelled. (This is the last known sighting of my mum before her body was found On Sheffield Lane Dike, Also known locally as The Brook, Or Tongue Gutter.)

Unknown date

Possible sighting  of my mum on lindsay crescent Sheffield S5, on the days prior to her murder.

Question’s we’d like answering if anyone can help are.

  • Did anyone see her in or around the northern general on Thursday 7th August?
  • Where did she stay its still unknown where she stayed for the week prior to her murder but she must have stayed somewhere.. please come forward if you let my mum stay at your house in august 1997, if you haven’t done anything you won’t have anything to worry about just please come forward with any information you may have.
  • And could anyone who may already have told the police they have seen her over the years and also those who haven’t told them and/or don’t want to speak to the police could they contact me either via the website or via my facebook page so i could try put together some possible timeline of the week prior to my mum’s murder. I can also pass on any information if your in fear of passing it on yourself directly. Thank you

Is this the face of Pat’s killer

 is this the face of pats killer

Despite extensive inquiries, police have been unable to trace the scruffy-looking man, seen in the early hours of Sunday, August 10 around the time Pat Grainger was stabbed and strangled near her Parson Cross home.

He was seen in the Collinson/Adrian Cresent area, close to the brook where Pat’s body was found hidden under rubbish.

A woman was so intimidated by the man’s behavior that she dared not walk past. He was fidgeting with his hands in his pockets and stared coldly at the woman before walking off.. View full article

Did you see this man or anyone else acting suspiciously around parson cross and hartley brook around the 10th of august 1997?


If you can help with anything please get intouch via the contact page or click how to help if you’d like to contact the police.

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