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Update about reward being offered.

After the recent article in the star on the last anniversary. I got back intouch with the police about the reward i would like to put up for information leading to an arrest and conviction for my mums murder, I was informed by Dave Sayles a detective working with the …

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Todays article in the star

Subject to approval by south yorkshire police Son of murdered Sheffield woman wants to offer £5,000 reward to help catch killer Read more: http://www.whokilledmymum.com/2018/08/10/son-of-murdered-sheffield-woman-wants-to-offer-5000-reward-to-help-catch-killer/

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Your birthday today mum, i havent forgot

I just didnt really want to think about it or post anything but cant help but think or see reminders and felt i should post something since its another reason this website exist, Missing out on all your birthdays while the tosser/s are walking free You should be here celebrating …

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Police Appeal Mobile Unit and Media updates

Been to the mobile unit to make some appeals with the media been interviewed by Hallam FM, Calendar News to be on tonight i believe, Sheffield Live and photos with the star, Sorry if the media as scared anyone coming forward during the last hour but the unit will be …

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Dear Aunt Pat, I am so sorry that it has been twenty years since the day you were murdered and that your killer hasn’t been found. If I could have one wish, I would wish that this never happened to you. It isn’t fair, you never deserved anything like that …

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Tomorrow 10th August 2017 is the day to come forward!

Update Tomorrow 10th August 2017 is the day to come forward! Mobile Police Unit Deployment in Parson Cross. The Police unit will be located close to buchanan road shops from around 8:30am, media and camera crews will be around from 12-12:30pm i understand for around an hour while the media …

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Small update regarding Article and Mobile Unit

Another article from my family to be on the star website today i believe and a feature in tomorrow for the anniversary and in regards to the mobile police unit being deployed in parson cross. I also think the police SIO will be making a statement at the unit tomorrow …

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Update Mobile Police Unit Deployed in Parson Cross.

Had a meeting today with south yorkshire police in regards to the 20th anniversary of my mums murder, Had a great meeting glad to hear they are wanting to actively seek information from the public, We have spoke of a mobile police until being deployed in parson cross on the …

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Happy 44th birthday mum

Birthdays are supposed To be happy times that we should be able to spend with you. Now when this day comes around I feel so very blue. I think about you often but more so on this day. Your life should have been long and full of happiness and no …

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Meeting with South Yorkshire police to discuss my complaint

Got a meeting this afternoon to discuss my complaint with south yorkshire police in regards to there mishandling of my mums clothing and belongings and to discover any other failure or mishandling of SYP which as been uncovered by the investigation into my complaint not looking forward to it at …

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New Video Update – Uploaded to Youtube

I have uploaded my facebook video which has show good success on facebook to my youtube page. Youtube video below Previous post http://whokilledmymum.com/2015/06/04/new-video/ New short video i have put together and shared on facebook. !!!!PLEASE SHARE MY NEW VIDEO!!!!Who Killed My Mum?www.whokilledmymum.comOn August 10th 1997 my mum Patricia (Pat)…Posted by …

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